Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Analogies between magnetic circuits and electrical circuits

Analogies between magnetic circuits and electrical circuits are easy to be made by comparing electric circuit and magnetic circuit.
  • The magnetic flux Φ which flows( not actually flow but sets up) through a magnetic circuit, corresponds to the electrical current / which flows through an electrical circuit;

  • the magneto-motive force MMF, corresponds to the electromotive force V (voltage);

  • reluctance S of a magnetic conductor by lenght,area of  X- section and  permeability, corresponds to resistance R of an electrical conductor by  lenght, area of X-section and  conductivity

  • finally Hopkison's Law MMF = R.Φ corresponds to Ohm's Law EMF(V) = IR

We can also define the permeance of a magnetic circuit P = 1/S, which corresponds to G = 1/R conductance of an electrical circuit.

Magnetic circuit

Electrical circuit

Flux (Φ)
Current (I)
Magnetomotive force(F)
Electromotive force (V)
Reluctance (R)
Resistance (R)
Permeance (P)
Conductance (G)
Hopkison's Law (F = R.Φ)
Ohm's Law (V = R.I)